Involvement Survey

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Home Phone
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Food Pantry (prepare boxes, stock shelves); Contact food pantry recipients; Deliver items to needy; Provide transportation; Clothing drives; Prepare meals; Holiday food baskets; Other
Yard work; electrical; Carpentry; Painting; Plumbing; Other
Send cards to ill and/or visitors; Call visitors; Visit visitors or new members; Visit the ill or shut-ins; take communion to the ill or shut-ins;
Adopt-a-student; Drive van route to/from OSU; Host in-home devo.; Prepare Tuesday evening devo meal; Clothing drive; Teach class; Other
Lead a team; participate on a team
Room set-up, breakdown & clean-up; Holiday dinner planning; Sunday kitchen coffee preparation; Sunday kitchen coffee clean-up
Indicate age (pre-school) or grade (K to 12th) or adult interest, Sunday or Wednesday, & how often to teach. VBS (pre-school through 6th) Teacher resource room Bible Bowl coach or assistant
Counselor; Teacher; Cook; Nurse; Craft instructor; Athletic coordinator; Other
Service projects; soap making for children’s home; girls youth rally;
Luncheon meal prep., conduct devo lesson; lead songs
Lead a study; provide home for a study
A variety of good works projects and activities: Single Sisters Secret Friend Ladies Night Out Maries Sisters (Cancer survivors)
Review materials to add; shelve books
Review materials to add; shelve books
Holiday baskets; Holiday gifts; service projects
Take pictures; distribute new member info.; purchase and distribute new member Bibles
Directory photos; substitute secretary; WEB maintenance;
Monitor parking lot; monitor building hallways and rooms; CPR trained
Within S.T. area - provide meals to ill, funerals & special occasions; provide rides; help with selected deacon areas; visit visitors; send cards; lead service team;
Sing for weddings; sing for funerals;
Sound room oper.; radio program prep.; make CDs of programs for members;
Teach class; outreach; home study; visitation; Spanish fairs
In-home devo., In-home sing; service projects;
Host in home devo.; Chaperone trips;
Quarterly worship service; visit residents
WORSHIP - Please Answer All Questions
A link to the description of the duties below can be found at bottom of this page.
Would you help prepare communion?
Would you be a "Greeter" by the entrance?
Wash baptism garments / towels?
Would you take communion to shut-ins? (Communion to be served by male members)
Worship - this section to be completed by male members only
Security (18 years or over)
Read Scripture
Chapter Reading
Lead Prayer
Lead Communion
Lead Singing

A description of the duties below can be found here.