Navajo Reservation

We have a long standing relationship with the church of Christ on the Navajo Reservation in Northeastern Arizona. For many years, we supported Missionary, Josh Austin and his family who worked in Kayenta, Arizona. Our congregation helped with the financial and construction support of the church building which was completed in 2006.Then we supported Nick Rice, one of our own members, and his wife, Heidi, from 2010 - 2014.


Fort Defiance, Arizona:

We also support Terry Laurence, the missionary in Fort Defiance, Arizona, on the Navajo reservation.  Terry is a native Navajo that was converted to Christ in Kayenta and decided to become an evangelist.  He graduated from the Bear Valley School of Preaching in Denver, Colorado.  The Fort Defiance congregation also serves the city of Window Rock which is the capital of the Navajo Reservation.